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[LET'S GO] Pokemon Trades + Exchanges for Pokedex
Hi I am trying to 100% the Pokemon Lets go Pokedex and am only left with trade evolutions + version exclusives as well as things like hitmonchan and kabuto.
Trades I am doing

Ekans -> Sandshrew
Meowth -> Mankey
Vulpix -> Growlithe
Bellsprout -> Oddish
Koffing -> Grimer
Hitmonlee -> Hitmonchan
Pinsir -> Scyther
Omanyte -> Kabuto (then evolve and trade back)
I also need to do all the trade mons like Gengar, Machamp etc.

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Pokemon Trades + Exchanges for Pokedex - by IAmNotAMemeTeam - Apr 20, 2019, 11:55 PM

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