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[LOOKING FOR] 5iv Ditto [Non-Eng]
Hi there!

I'm currently looking to trade my 5iv English ditto for a 5iv foreign ditto. If anyone is interested in trading please let me know ?

I have a 4 IV Cht Ditto if you want it! I know it isnt much, but it might help start something! Let me know if you want it! (HP, Attack, Defense, Speed)
@Newdll That wouldn't be a bad idea, I do have some 4iv english dittos to trade if you need one Smile If not I'm sure I've got something that'd help towards dex completion
It's totally okay, dont worry about offering anything cool. Even something as simple as a Combee would do. I'm just glad I can help! Do you know when you'll be free to trade?
Plus I have plenty of 4IV English Dittos. I get about 3 a day if my internet doesnt suck because all I do now is Shiny hunt for my Ponyta and wonder trade anything with less then great stats.. (IE: 5 IVs with the final stat saying "Decent".) All while doing Max Raid battles for anything that catches my eye. If you want, I'll trade you one of my better Ponyta. Sadly, I didnt breed for egg moves.. But once I'm done with my shiny hunt, anything else I have left over will just go to a give away with an XL exp candy attached so I dont seem as lazy.. lol
Haha yeah I've been having issues with the internet too, I have to be really close to the router for the switch to cooperate. I can't wait to go after ponyta :D I want to do an SBQ with my sword playthrough so I'm starting with Shiny sobble for now.

I should be available all day for the most part, unless my husband has something planned and hasn't told me yet :P I'm just doing homework so if you DM me through the discord server I should get back to you pretty quickly.

I'm sorry, I no lonnger have discord seeing as I dont really have access to it anymore. But I can message you here and we can set things up, if you would like.^^
ah okay, no worries Smile Does the link code 4857 work for you?
Yes! If you want, I can get on right now. And I'll even get you a destiny knot if you would like
@Vyaelra I'm trading now!! If you dont get back to me, we can pick a different time!

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