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[LOOKING FOR] A couple of things, please
I have you're awesome bunny with everything you want except the Cosmic Power is that ok?
@JoeBoss23 That's how the set functions haha. Without CP it's garbage. I'll get around to getting it myself. Thanks for the offer, though

EDIT: Didn't see the above message. I'll take it, I'll just ask someone to gen CP on it.
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ok well ill just watch some youtube videos on breeding egg moves
@JoeBoss23 Sounds good, can you trade this time tomorrow, or are you able to trade sooner?
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well im working on getting a clefairy because its the only pokemon i can use to transfer the move and its extremely hard to come across in the wid because its not part of the hoenn dex and i need to catch one to start breeding the move over but that shouldnt be too far off now lol, as soon as i complete this guy tho ill feel compitant enough in my egg move ability lol and maybe ill make one for me too :p
@JoeBoss23 Ahh I see, take your time, no rush
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ok so I am the dumbest **** alive, I learned transfering egg moves in and out for like 12 hrs(Not pounding the pavement, but slacking off hard) to find that the exact thing you wanted down to a T was sitting in my ****ing storage box after the frst step I took which was trying to catch a bunny with really good IV's and the right hidden ability.... so ya I could have traded this to you like over 12 hours ago actually... I guess even though it has been described to me time after time in the game that Dex Nav'ing the desired pokemon gives you egg moves already on it from the wild.... but eh I put it in a nice Luxury Ball Smile

@JoeBoss23 Lol ! Well on the plus side, you learnt more about breeding! Anywho, be sure to @ me when you're ready to trade
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Pfp by foolishlayde on Deviantart
im just super training the HP with some HP bags and what not on OR still
@Kris I I wasted another 8 BP and hours EV training it by trying to breed it once quick thus making it loose its CP.... I cannot believe how many times i have messed this up LOL, any how I am going to just go get one more put the moves on and make sure its nature and ability is right then im omw

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