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[LOOKING FOR] Another Region Ditto
I want to try the Masuda Method and if inunderstand correctly, everything i need now is a Ditto from another Region (I'm from Mexico and the game is Y).

Mmm... I don't know what to offer in exchange. I don't think i have anything valuable.

Anyway, if you think i need something else to breed the Shiny Eevee please explain it to me.

Thanks for your time.
Heres a tip if your gonna breed for shinies a lot: get a foreign ditto instead of the mon your hunting for, that way you won't have to ask for another foreign mon, and you can breed for any egg moves that require a specific pair and just breed the one with all the moves with the ditto
Thanks for the tip!

Does the Ditto need to be shiny?
No it doesn't need to be Shiny.

Its still a pain if you haven't got the patience, and The Shiny Charm though.

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