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[LOOKING FOR] Desperate for a shiny Ralts(female)!!!
Looking to trade for a shiny female ralts. Preferably a lower level but no preference on IVs or nature. Have some legends to trade but nothing really for shines sadly. Lemme know what I can do if you have a preferred pokemon. I have a few legends and Mythicals ill list below if you see one you like lemme know!

Celebi lvl 50 (event)
Manaphy lvl 100 (event)
Shiny Mew lvl 100
Groudon lvl 55
Latias lvl 100
Shiny Glaceon lvl 41 female
Shiny Espeon lvl 32 female
On what game
I have one that I hatched I'm willing to give in return for the shiny Glaceon!
I know you said that you don't care about IVs or nature but I thought I'd let you know anyway that it's 5iv Modest nature with low SpDef (which I can fix with a bottlecap if you'd like) and Misty Terrain as an egg move.

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