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[LOOKING FOR] Eevee in Apricorn PokeBalls

As the title says, I'm in search of Eevee in certain apircorn PokeBall, mainly: Fast Ball, Moon Ball, Heavy Ball, Friend Ball, and Love ball. If you have any, please let me know and what Pokemon you'll want in exchange for it.

I have Eevee in a Moon Ball, Dream Ball, & Beast Ball (let me know which 1s you're interested in & if you want HA & I'll breed them) 

Do you have any breedable Apricorn Pokemon FT?
@Eugenio I've got Love, Level and Fastball Eevees for you :D now that you mention it I'm gonna try and find Lure and Friendball Eevees too...
@evilcackles, these are the Pokemon I have in Apricorn PokeBalls. I'm interested in the Eevee in the Moon and Dream Ball, with one of them having the Hidden Ability. I'm not too concerned with IVs.

@wartty, I'll take the Eevee in the Love, Level, and Fast Ball. Let me know if you get your hands on Eevee in a Friend and Lure Ball, I'm interested in those too.

Weedle (Sports and Heavy Ball)

Pigey (Friend Ball)

Pikachu (Fast Ball)

Alola-Sandshrew (Heavy Ball)

Cleffa (Moon and Love Ball)

Alola-Vulpix (Love Ball)

Jigglypuff (Moon and Love Ball)

Oddish (Love Ball)

Paras (Sports Ball)

Diglett (Heavy Ball)

Growlithe (Friend and Level Ball)

Abra (Moon Ball)

Machop (Heavy Ball)

Tentacool (Lure Ball)

Alola-Geodude (Fast Ball)

Slowbro (Love Ball)

Gastly (Moon and Level Ball)

Onix (Heavy Ball)

Voltorb (Fast Ball)

Exeggcute (Friend Ball)

Lickitung (Love Ball)

Koffing (Heavy Ball)

Chansey (Love Ball)

Tangela (Friend Ball)

Kangaskhan (Love Ball)

Horsea (Lure Ball)

Mr. Mime (Love Ball)

Scyther (Sports Ball)

Smoochum (Love Ball)

Elekid (Fast Ball)

Pinsir (Sports Ball)

Magikarp (Lure Ball)

Snorlax (Heavy Ball)

Dratini (Love Ball)

Sentret (Love Ball)

Togepi (Love Ball)

Marill (Lure and Love Ball)

Wooper (Lure Ball)

Murkrow (Moon Ball)

Misdreavus (Moon Ball)

Pineco (Heavy Ball)

Snubbull (Love Ball)

Heracross (Level Ball)

Teddiursa (Friend Ball)

Corsola (Love Ball)

Delibird (Love Ball)

Mantine (Lure Ball)

Houndour (Love Ball)

Phanpy (Heavy Ball)

Magby (Level Ball)

Miltank (Love Ball)

Larvitar (Heavy Ball)

Ralts (Moon and Love Ball)

Shroomish (Friend Ball)

Nicada (Sports Ball)

Whismur (Love Ball)

Carvanha (Lure Ball)

Feebas (Love Ball)

Beldum (Heavy Ball)

Cherubi (Love Ball)

Gible (Friend and Heavy Ball)

Deino (Moon Ball)

Dewpider (Level and Moon Ball)

Pyukumuku (Friend Ball)

Oricorio Pom-Pom (Level Ball)

Mareanie (Lure Ball)

Stufful (Love Ball)

Wimpod (Moon Ball)

Sandygast (Friend Ball)

Mimikyu (Fast Ball)

Dhelmise (Lure Ball)

Jangmo-o (Moon Ball)
@Eugenio  I have 'em in Friend, Fast, Moon, Love, Dream. I'll take the Heracross in a Level Ball since it seems like Friend is the only one besides Lure you won't have
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@Eugenio Will get those 2 ready for you now! I'm interested in these 2 from your list: LoveB Lickitung & LoveB Sentret  Smile

EDIT: Got both ready! Going to add your FC now (unless you'd rather do GTS deposits?) & I'll be back a little later
@BoneheadMarowak, I'll take an Eevee in each PokeBall, female if possible. What other Pokemon would you like?

@evilcackles, give me a few minutes to breed and hatch your Pokemon.
@Eugenio Alrighty, ready when you are. And Pinsir, Scyther, Nincada, and Shroomish
Feel free to post your favorite Pokémon FanArt here ϞϞ(๑⚈ ․̫ ⚈๑)∩
@Eugenio Alright! Just let me know when to go to Festival Plaza. They're both female too!
@evilcackles, I'll be online a few minutes. I have to transfer the Pokemon from Alpha Sapphire to Sun.

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