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[LOOKING FOR] HA Tyrunt/Tyrantrum
This is my first post, so i hope the format is right.

hey everyone! I want to try head smash rock head tyrantrum, but i have no way to get it. The Oras event has ended, And i have had no luck on the gts(not a suprise lol). anyways, here are the requierments for the Tyrunt/Tyrantrum-

Hidded ability. thats it. Big Grin

joking aside, i will take adamant and jolly natures, but this is NOT a requierment! and i can always get better ivs with my 4 iv ditto.(although the ditto dosen't have perfect speed/defence, so good ivs there isnt a problem)

If you have one of these monsters, i will offer a high reward. you see, during my breed for a perfect blastoise(failed by 2-3 ivs rip), i got a5 iv squirtle with the last iv being speed- the speed iv is "very good". its modest, and it even has the egg move aura sphere!

i will try to be active on here until i get an offer. thanks!
ps: i will give it a big nugget
oh yes, and this trade will be on sun/moon

EDIT: i will also offer a HA torchic, docile nature with 31 ivs in special attack and speed.
well this failed badly Undecided

if you still need the HA tyrunt i can give you one
@R2LSD2 um... you on?  I still have that squirtle with the gold nugget ready.(cant find my HA torchic, if you want that i need to check pokebank) adding your fc now, see you online! Heart

You can just trade me anything. Im online now
@R2LSD2 im on to. the squirtle will be called "ha tyrunt?"
@R2LSD2 THANK YOU!!! Heart  ive tried to get this for a month now XD how do i upvote you?

no problem im happy to help Smile you can give rep using the button  at the bottom of the post i make.

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