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[LOOKING FOR] LF > Diancie/Something to give Diancite for
Okay, long story short I managed to get my hands on the shiny Genesect from the movie launch a while back (ironically enough, not all that long after getting its Drive items from Colress...). It's in the event ball, has the ribbon, right nature and all that.
I dunno why but the maniac who sent it my way made it hold a Diancite that's currently collecting dust in my bag. Maybe to be random, maybe an attempt to be funny; who knows. In anycase, I'm making two possible offers; Genesect for a Diancie, or perhaps if someone else wants the Diancite I'll give it to one of my other Pokemon and trade it for something else good.
I did get what looked like an offer of a shiny Diancie for the Genesect a while back (as well as another offer for one of my other shinies); however, the person who extended it has not responded further for a couple of weeks so I'm putting them back up for grabs.

To recap, the potential offers:

1. Genesect for Diancie
2. Requested Pokemon holding Diancite for something else nice. Some rarer ones or Pokemon closer to my liking will take more convincing than others for me to trade off, though.

These are the Pokes I have that I think might catch a few eyes. All of them except for Crobat and one of the Ditto are level 100.

- Genesect. Hasty/Download. Max IV's all around. Techno Blast, Flamethrower, Flash Cannon, U-Turn.

- Manaphy. Timid/Hydration. All of it's IV's have been Hyper Trained. Tail Glow, Scald, Ice Beam, Psychic.

- Manectric. Timid/Lightning Rod. Max IV's; Attack and Defense have been Hyper Trained. Volt Switch, Overheat, Thunderbolt, Hidden Power (I don't know the type yet. I'll have to experiment or remember where the NPC who tells it is...).

- Gorebyss. Modest/Swift Swim. Max IV's in all except Attack. Has active Pokerus. Psychic, Surf, Shell Smash, Ice Beam.

- Togekiss. Timid/Serene Grace. Max IV's all around. Has active Pokerus. Nasty Plot, Flamethrower, Air Slash, Roost.

- Mewtwo.  Timid/Pressure. Max IV's in all except Attack. Has active Pokerus. Psystrike, Ice Beam, Focus Blast, Calm Mind.

- Victini (not shiny, obviously). Jolly/Victory Star. Max IV's all around. V-Create, Bolt Strike, U-Turn, Zen Headbutt.

- Deoxys. Jolly/Pressure. Max IV's all around; HP and Speed are Hyper Trained. Psycho Boost, Taunt, Pursuit, Spikes. I may change the set a little; that moveset isn't very good...
   *Note: I kind of doubted this one for a while, but against all odds it passed all the checks. In anycase, it is HIGHLY unlikely I will want to trade Deoxys off as it's one of my favorite Pokemon but I've been proven wrong before.

- Ditto. Bold/Imposter. Max IV's all around. Transform.

- Camazots the Crobat, Lv. 55. Calm/Inner Focus. Cross Poison, Haze, Acrobatics, Leech Life.
I caught this one as a Zubat extremely early in the game; as such its stats are a very messy spread (and it has a max Attack IV to go against the nerfing nature, interestingly enough...). Despite that, this was somehow the one that got the other shiny offer. Granted, said offer was not fully-leveled either but it was still a very good one (although the guy has been rather silent for some time)... How, I will never know. Maybe I'm being dumb and missing something about it?

- Bloo the Ditto, Lv. 10. Modest/Limber. Transform.
I also caught this one myself, WAY back in Heartgold. It's IV's are okay; nothing special though especially since it's from before Hidden Abilities were a thing.
Hey @LuxKaosi got an event diancie a while ago that i would love to trade to you for the mewtwo or the genesect. pm me and we can set soething up  Big Grin
If you don't mind it being hacked? PM me in the Pokemon Forever Discord Channel~
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