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[LOOKING FOR] Looking for shiny Pheromosa
Looking For Shiny Pheromosa

For Trade
-Cresselia (Shiny)
-Lugia (Shiny)
-Landorus (Shiny)
-Thundurus (Shiny)
-Regigigas (Shiny)
-Dialga (Shiny)
-Giratina (Shiny)
-Zekrom (Shiny)
-Kyurem (Shiny)
-Cobalion (Shiny)
-Terrakion (Shiny)
-Virizion (Shiny)
-Uxie (Shiny)
-Mesprit (Shiny)
​​​-Azelf (Shiny)
-Regirock (Shiny)
-Regice (Shiny)
-Registeel (Shiny)
-Ralts Female (Shiny)
-All Starters (Shiny) (except turtwig, oshawot, character)
-Other breedable Pokemon

Thanks! :D
Do you mind if it is hacked? If you don't mind, deposit a Granbull into GTS requesting level 100 Pheromosa~
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