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[LOOKING FOR] Prism Scale
That awkward moment when you breed a 6iv Modest Feebas and realize you can't evolve the dumb thing without a Prism Scale.

As much as I love the idea of training a Feebas so strong that Kyogre would be like 'wtfohgodno', I would much rather have a milotic. Does anyone perhaps have an extra Prism scale they would be willing to let go of? I have golden bottle caps that I can trade? :D
i have a prisim scale i can trade for a golden bottle cap @Qui 
Alrighty! I'll add you then.~
added you im in festival plaza Smile @Qui and nice you play fire emblem too i see, i have conquest though not birthright
Mhmn. I'm a big fan of the fire emblem series. :D! And sorry for the wait, for whatever reason I'm having trouble connecting to the internet. 

It says that I require an update though there is no update that I can see for my 3ds. That and since I'm going to be homebrewing my 3ds soon, I would rather not update it while I have the appropriate version for one of the exploits. Uuhh. Lemme see what's going on here. :D'
@CellyBean  you cant connect to the internet in your game without updating your game though
Okay it's just a game update instead of a system update. I managed to get it running. :D
@Qui sorry i had to go eat dinner, im back in festival plaza!

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