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[LOOKING FOR] Shiny Necrozma and 2 Shiny Kyurems (SWORD AND SHIELD)
As the title implies, I'm looking for a shiny Necrozma and 2 shiny Kyurems for Sword and Shield. Doesn't matter what the natures or ivs are. Since we can change it all with mints and all that. But what I do have to offer are a few Mythical Shiny Pokemon that are completely legal. I have tested them in raids online and they have no issues. Same goes with online battles. However, they aren't allowed for certain competitions due to them being banned for online competitions. Listed below is the shiny mons I can offer: 

Square Shiny Mew (from Virtual Console 3DS) 
Nature: Timid
- Aura Sphere 
- Psychic 
- Life Dew 
- Surf 

Square Shiny Jirachi (from Japanese event) 
Nature: Timid 
- Psychic 
- Thunderbolt 
- Flash Cannon 
- Moonblast 

Square Shiny Lunala (US/UM October 2019 event) 
Nature: Lax 
- Moongeist Beam 
- Psyshock 
- Moonblast 
- Moonlight 

If you have any questions, please ask and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you.

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