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[NEW MEMBER] Absol-lutely, my introduction!
Hello fellow members of PokemonForever! My name is "Absol - lutely!" (Pun, I know XD), and I am a new member here at PokemonForever! I went on this site alot, unregistered awhile back, because of its Pokemon Radar, as I am a Shiny Pokemon hunter.

I was a Pokemon fan when I was around 3 years old. I used to watch the show, and was really into it, but now that I remember, I don't think I ever played the games in my childhood, only owned some cards(problably), and watched the show/movies on VHS. I got into Sonic and out of Pokemon when I hit 8 years old, and was introduced to Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on my Uncle's Sega Genesis. For the rest of my life up to a year ago, I was not a Pokemon fan anymore (I know, shame on me for missing out on such a amazing series Sad), but a year ago, I got back into it proudly! I even spent over $200 at a EBGames for lots of Pokemon merch! Since then, I've been buying the games, and playing them! I currently have Silver, Ruby, Emerald, SoulSilver w/ Pokewalker, Black 2, Pokemon Y, Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire(Digital), and Pokemon Moon! I also have others like, Super Mystery Dungeon, Mystery Dungeon Sky(Digital), and Mystery Dungeon Red(Digital)!

I have lots of favourite Pokemon and Humans/Characters! My top 2 favourite Pokemon are Absol and Lugia, whilist my favourite characters are Archie of Team Aqua (Team Aqua FTW!), and Lance of the Elite 4/Champion! I also play PokeMMO actively! My name on it is "MTLgiancarlo", and I beat the League in both regions on PokeMMO!

Well that is all for my introduction bio! If you get to know me, I am a very nice person/friend! I will leave my Steam link below for you to see and/or add me on it as I am on it everyday when I am at my moms house.
Welcome to PokemonForever Absol-lutely! Hope you have a good time hanging out here!
B a d C o p
Thank you Anabel! I will have a good time here! I always do have a good time on forum sites after all.
Hi, welcome to pokemon forever. Hope you like it here :D
Hi @Absol - lutely! , welcome to the community! Smile

Since you are a shiny hunter, have you tried using Shiny Value Exchanging? It is the easiest method to obtain a legitimate shiny Pokemon. Smile
What is a signature and how do I get one?
I don't know what Shiny Value Exchanging is. I usually shiny hunt the old fashioned way, or by dexnavving if im shiny hunting in OR/AS, or the Friend Safari if its in X/Y
I'm also new so I also will welcome you to pokemonforever.

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