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[NEW MEMBER] Competitive battles, giveaways and more... Hi, I'm Riot!
Hi! I'm RiotIsBored, and I do giveaways, competitive battles (Shiny Shuckle sweep ftw) and a whole lot more. I'm most active on the weekends, but I can assure y'all that I'll be around most days, though I'm more active on Discord than anything else. If you'd like to battle, trade, or do whatever, send a PM either here or on Discord (My username is RiotIsBored#6150) and add me as a friend on 3DS. My FC is 0877 - 4707 - 2295. Now, with all the formalities taken care of, thanks for reading and see you all later!
Welcome to the community.
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Welcome @RiotIsBored! I'd say that RiotWon'tBeBored in this community  Wink
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Haha, thanks Smile

Nice to see you've officially joined us over here. Great conversation the other day. I look forward to seeing you battle.

- 0kamii
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Ayy, thanks Okamii. Just been told about how my Sturdy Shedinja setup won't work, or at least not how I planned it, so back to only being able to single battle lol. But hoping we will get the chance to battle someday soon.
There is also a Discord Channel here! Smile

I have not been hosting giveaways here for months and I am not good in competitive batting. Sad
What is a signature and how do I get one?

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