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I discovered this forum a couple days ago and I thought that it was so awesome to have a community of people that loves Pokémon and had to join! I’m extremely excited about being a new member. 

I am very interested in finding new people to trade and battle with!
I'm also new! I'd love to see what is all about these forums, and I really don't know what I'm doing! Blush
@MaiTai @BlizzyJays Welcome to the site! Big Grin

I am sure that soon enough you will see that this community is much more than just about Pokemon!

I'm a forum regular, and I like battling, trading, breeding Fire-type Pokemon! You can often find me battling on Showdown (Random or singles OU) for fun too. Anyway, if you think I can help you with anything, feel free to PM me! (Here you should find a nice map of our forums.)
 ~ Always ready to fire up the party! ~ 
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@MaiTai Welcome! Hope you enjoy your time here :D
Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers!

I am not good in battling too. Sad

Remember to check out the Discord Channel! Smile
What is a signature and how do I get one?

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