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[NEW MEMBER] Hello me and my siblings are new here!
Hello everybody I'm DJ James of Team Rocket and I'm new to this site. We all got banned from the other form for no reason so we decide to come here instead. Not only that, Twitter kept limiting our accounts for no reason.

oh me? Well I'm a famous YouTuber who makes lots of video of NFL updates as well with other stuff. I'm doing videos rarely because I have no camera to record my gaming experience...that's gonna be soon. I'm special needs, on the autism spectrum and on a disability, and my siblings are like that too.

I am a Team Rocket member and a horse rider. I'm really obsessed in riding boots well with Pokémon, Digimon and elevator signs and stuff.

also, is it ok I bring my siblings MJ Jessie, L3J James, Tommy, Sora, Clemont, Bonnie, Emilia and Serena, Duplica, Ash and Isabelle as well with my family (everybody in Team Rocket/Plasma Good Guys) here or I can't bring them here?

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