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[NEW MEMBER] hello! <3
hey guys! my name is amy and i'm relatively member and i hope i am doing this right lol!  i played pokemon games a lot when i was in high school, but i just recently started playing it again so i'm replaying my old games! i love shiny hunting and breeding!! every time i have a shiny pokemon i like to raise it to be strong and loved. if anyone wants to add me on the 3ds i love making friends! (:

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Hey, @tthumbelina! Welcome to the forums!

I similarly took a long time away from the games, before coming back. I'm having great fun with them though, and I've collected quite a few titles over the past couple years. What game(s) are you playing now?
Hi Amy! Im also relatively new to these forums so I hope you'll add me as a friend!
I also really like shiny hunting, and my favorite games are Moon, X, and Omega Ruby. What games are you're favorites?

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