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[NEWS] A New Ditto?

What the heck is this thing? It looks like a ditto with a nut on it's head lol.
Well its time i explain something for once. Pokemon Go, has created a brand new mythical pokemon. Meltan. what are the details on it? where did it come from? moves? type? all unknown as of now. the only thing that has been known so far is its appearance, its size, and the fact that dittos are transforming into it. as for the real meltan? no one knows where it is currently.

Size: Meltan is basically smaller then a childs hand(im assuming based on in-game appearance). and is only a few inches high, possibly making it the worlds tiniest pokemon as of now.
Appearance: Well it has a Gold Nut for a head, with a strange floating black dot for an eye, its body is made of a strange silver liquid, and it apears to have a wire for a tail.

Dittos?: the only way to see this pokemon is by playing pokemon go for awhile. if you search hard enough you will encounter this strange new pokemon, but be prepared for dissapointment if you catch it. it will always turn into a ditto. still, its nice to see how Meltan actually looks in game and gives us a good perspective of just how small it is.

also with the quikcly coming release of lets go eevee and lets go pikachu, it appears meltan wil be able to be usable in that game as well based on a trailer/teaser image

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