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New Trailer dropped today at Oha Suta revealing some brand new footage.

- Ultra Beasts are more involved with the story, as we see UB Burst/Assembly, Xurkitree and Guzzlord all have cutscenes for their encounters. Although it's hard to tell where Xurkitree is, it's more than likely near Lush Jungle, OR based on some things we've already seen, we may know exactly where it is. UB Burst/Assembly appear on the Mahalo Trail, near Tapu Koko's Shrine, Guzzlord looks like it appears at another Guardian's Shrine on Ula' Ula' Island {I think that's Tapu Bulu, but I may be wrong} with Nanu, Kahuna of said Island. So Xurkitree will more-than-likely appear at Tapu Lele's Shrine with Olivia.

- Team Skull is 100% returning as we can see Guzma quickly show up in the trailer, the new evil team, I don't know if we have a name yet, appear to be kitted in some type of armor? That appears to let the survive in Ultra Space or something. They appear to have a base located IN Ultra Space and Ultra Space itself looks much larger. We also have confirmation that Gladion is returning too.

- New cutscenes with Necrozma were shown, including one that I can only guess is located at the Pokemon League and shows Necrozma seemingly injured or defeated. It also is hinted that you can ride Solgaleo or Lunaala. But I expect this to be a cutscene.
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