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[NEWS] Phishing Site
A sibling of mine sent me a link to a site (that I'm obviously not going to link here) and the main address was and as far as I can tell it's a spam site. I don't know if it gives you a virus or what, but from what I could make of the code it's a fake giveaway for supposed coupons for pokeGO. Digging into some of the scripts I found that it'll always have a box in the center that says "only # of coupons left!" start at 338 and randomly lower after a few seconds?
"timer": {"start":338,"end":10,"random":[1,4],"delay":4000}
I'm a bit rusty on my java script but this was in there so yeah.

It doesn't help that despite me and some of her friends clicking the link, my sister says that the counter of people who visited via her link hasn't changed at all and is still sitting at 0 (the site wants you to share with 5 friends).

I dunno, the entire thing screams either scam or phisher. I figured I'd throw out a warning for this site and that other sites are probably popping up pulling a similar trick. Stay safe everybody.
Yeah, that code is definitely not legit. They're pretending to be official but are clearly not. I'm not sure what they're up to exactly. At worst, they're gaining access to post on your accounts you sign in with.

So to everyone, just keep in mind that URL and don't go there.
I'm the lead developer for the site! (Formerly My Cupcake Money)
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Let me know if anything comes up~

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