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[NEWS] Pokemon THE Movie 2018
It seems as though the Pokemon company is preparing for a new movie to launch on July 13th 2018 as shown in the 30 second clip they released.

Now although i haven't watched the recent movie it looks as if the story picks up from were it last left off according to serebii.
The trailer shows only two characters so far one being ash and pikachu and the other being an unknown girl, it also emphasizes water by the many scenes of the ocean that is being shown.

The animation has also changed due to the fact that the company OLM had teamed up with WIT a company more known for it's anime such as owari no seraph and the ancient magus bride, i actually quite like this new style as i feel it breathes new air into the constant style change of pokemon.

Do you guys and gals agree with the new animation style, what do you think this movie will focus on, and how interested are you after seeing what pokemon has planned for the new year.

As for me I'd like to see a more serious and complicated situation in this movie and since the first one revolved around Ho-Oh i wouldn't be surprised if this one focused on Lugia there are little hints that reference to it but i guess We'll have to wait and see what new info they bring about the movie.
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I really hope it focuses on Lugia, because 1, Lugia is my fave, and 2, The Power Of One was amazing.
I like the animation style, even though it doesn't seem like Pokemon to me. Lol that girl is so over-designed, she's like someone's circa-2006 anime OC.  Pretty, though. I'm Johto trash so anything featuring the Gen2 legendaries is right by me.  I like the older, simpler, more elegant designs better. They look more like real animals or real LEGENDARY animals (i.e. from actual legends) imho.
i love i choose you the movie we get away from the anime series and make another series, and this movie 2018 is the rebot remix of the 2000 movie we will see lugia in this one and hopefully some familiar pokemon faces ash catch in johto, still love how its not from the anime just what they i choose movie asn this one supposed to be pokemon from when they started, some of the stuff that didn't get in the anime will get in these movies they will keep making
I like the animation style. I don't thinks it's really very Pokémon-y, but it sure is pretty.

I'd better watch this!
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I don't like it.

In fact until they stop this retelling of old stories nonsense, I'm not watching another Pokemon Movie. Not only does it show the writers are running out of ideas, it ruins the feel of Pokemon Movies in general imo. I Choose was awful because Marshadow should have had a better role, but it was done for the 20th anniversary, so I gave it a pass. But this. There's no need to retell Power Of One, 20th anniversary is over, stop shilling it. Artstyle is actually horrible to look at, it doesn't fit Pokemon at all, SM looks better.
I'm utterly disappointed with it.
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