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Need Mythics for My LivingDex
Dear Pokemon Community,
I have worked hard and finally gotten a LivingDex! However, there are a few Pokemon that I still need for it......
- Mew
- Celebi
- Manaphy
- Shaymin
- Arceus
- Marshadow

I have a variety of shiny Pokemon and legendaries that I would be willing to trade for one of these such as....
- Mewtwo from XY (lvl 76)
- Level 100 Mewtwo from B/W Event (Speedy Mewtwo)
- Zygarde 10% form
- Lunala (lvl 59)
- Shiny Miltank
- Shiny Hawlucha
- Shiny Pangoro
- Shiny Poliwhirl

If you have one of the Mythic Pokemon that I need and would be willing to trade it for one of the shinies or legendaries that I have listed above please reply to the thread or PM me.

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