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New to the forum, committing to Pokemon!
Hey everyone! I've dabbled in Pokemon a little bit during my life- I wasn't allowed to get a Game Boy when I was younger, so my first taste of the series was with Gen 4, Diamond and Platinum! But even then, I'm terrible about finishing games I start, and never beat the elite four in Diamond, or even finished the gyms in Platinum. Later on I bought a copy of White, and then X, and then Blue on 3Ds; none of which I've finished! It's not that I didn't like them, I love Pokemon enough to buy them all! I guess I just have trouble sticking to one thing at a time, and always end up getting distracted!

But, when Sun/Moon came out, I actually finished my game of Sun all the way through, and even beat the E4, a first for me! I really love the new gen, and was even motivated to try finishing my Pokedex this time! I caught my first ever shiny (a male snorunt found in the wild) about a week ago, and that was really special to me! Now I'm kind of working backwards, and hoping to at least finish all the storylines of the previous games that I have. I've also recently discovered the Mystery Dungeon series, and have been playing Explorers of Sky in parallel with Sun! 

I suppose I joined this forum in hopes of motivating myself to follow through with all my playthroughs. Pokemon GO struck a chord with me (I was obsessed for a while), and reminded me how much I love the series. It feels like such a waste to have all these great games lying around that I haven't finished, but that I love! I'm glad to meet you all, and look forward to getting into the community!
Welcome soumic! :D
Welcome to the forems mate

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