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[ORAS] How to chain fish in ORAS/XY
If you don't know how to chain fish, here's a tutorial on how to so that you can get shinies WAY faster than other methods.


First, you need to have any fishing rod. It isn't required for you to have every single rod, but it is better having every rod so that you can get any kind of pokemon you want by chain fishing. Here are the locations to get them in ORAS or XY.
  • Good Rod: XY: Coumarine City, ORAS: Route 118
  • Super Rod: XY: Route 16, ORAS: Mossdeep City
  • Old Rod: XY: Ambrette Town, ORAS: Dewford Town
Now that you have all of the rods or just one or two of them, you should get a pokemon with the ability Suction Cups and have it at the top of your party. This helps you drastically so that when you keep reeling in for a pokemon, you will always find something. The pokemon that have Suction Cups are Inkay, Malamar, Octillery, Lileep and Cradily.

You also need a pokemon with surf and also to register your fishing rod so that you can use it easily with the Y button.

How to chain fish:

What you need to do is go to a route where you can fish pokemon, which is just about any route where you can surf at. Once you get to that Route, you want to surf on the water and get to a random spot (Preferably a corner spot) and just cast the rod. If you reel one in, congratulations! You're on a 1 chain.

Be sure not to move while you are chaining, that will ruin the chain. Also if you fail to reel a pokemon in (Reeling It in too fast/slow and not being any pokemon) then your chain will end. Also, around a 20-100 chain, you should successfully get a shiny. NOTE: You can run or faint the pokemon while chaining, and if the pokemon with suction cups get fainted, you will be fine.

Once you now follow all of these steps, you should be on the road to getting shinies! Enjoy!
It's also worth noting that you can let the Pokemon with suction cups be fainted in the 1st slot, this means that the 2nd slot Pokemon will be used in the battle, but the ability will still work Smile
Do you run from or faint the Pokemon?
You can run from the Pokemon you meet when chain fishing! If you're using the dexnav you have to faint them, though Smile
(Dec 7, 2014, 01:34 PM)Deadwook Wrote: Do you run from or faint the Pokemon?

You can do either one.
Run from them! This is the quickest way to chain. So far I cought a Magikarp at around 35, and just yesterday a feebas at around 25....I was soo stoked when I seen that purple Feebas. Back to hatching a shiny weedle for a competitive Beedrill : ]
Thanks for this little guide on fish chaining!
I have a question, since I'm still pretty new to this.

If it takes me too long to reel after a battle does this break my chain as well?
As long as you dont miss it, it does not break.
does it break the chain If you don't get any bites?
(May 17, 2015, 07:23 AM)EthanML10 Wrote: does it break the chain If you don't get any bites?


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