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[POWERSAVES] Free Pokegen Service (GTS)
Hello there! I recently received a powersave and was hoping to provide some people with their pokemon!

In case you don't know, pokegenning is when someone makes a pokemon from scratch.


Any mythical/legendary pokemon may not be legal for online battle. Please take this into consideration.

If you want to request a pokemon, please lay it out like this:

Pokemon Wanted- XXXX (National Dex Number)
Nickname- XXXX/NONE
Deposited Pokemon- XXXX
Level- XXXX
Shiny- YES/NO
Pokerus- YES/NO
Held item- XXXX
Pokeball- XXXX
Ability- XXXX/ANY
Other- XXXX

Pokemon Wanted- #195 (National Dex Number)
Nickname-Tanky Boi
Deposited Pokemon- Quagsire
Level- 100
Pokerus- Yes
Held item- Gold Bottle Cap
Pokeball- Friend Ball
Ability- Unaware
Moves-Stockpile Earthquake Waterfall Recover
IVs- 252 of Everything
EVs- 252 HP 252 Atk 252 SDf 252 SAtk 252 Speed and 252 Defense
Other- XXXX
pokemon 428/lopunny
nickname Grazzie
deposited pokemon: marill/male
level. 100
shiny yes
pokerus yes
held item lopunnite
pokeball masterball
ability: limber
Fake out
Close combat
iv's all 31
evs. 252 atk 252 spe

other: can you please deposit in omega ruby/alpha sapphire.
if not than inform me and we will do a normal trade in us/um
Thx  Big Grin
Pokemon Wanted- 789
Nickname- Katagami
Deposited Pokemon- Glalie (nicknamed Shiver)
Level- 100
Shiny- YES
Pokerus- YES
Held item- gold bottle cap
Pokeball- Beast Ball
Ability- Beast Boost
Moves- Leaf Blade / Sacred Sword / Smart Strike / Swords Dance
IVs- max all
EVs- 4 HP / 252 Attack / 252 Speed
Other- Jolly nature
Other- player name is Hayden
Pokemon wanted- #132
Deposited pokemon- slakoth female
Held Item- Destiny Knot
Poke ball- beast ball
Ivs-All 31
Evs-252 speed 252 health
Other-Trainer name-eddie

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