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Pokemon Item Raffle
I will be doing a raffle, to get tickets you must guess one of my to favorite Pokemon if you guess my favorite you will get 5 raffle tickets.
first, draw - any choice item you choose.
second - red card
third - pp max
forth - ability capsule

I will draw at the end of today
@bobeable You're favorite Pokemon is... one of the 802 Pokemon! (Did I guess it right?)
Put it in rice.  - A Wise Man
I'm a VGC player. PM me if you need help with competitive battling!
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mimikyu...obviously :D
@LonerBird yes that is #seven so one ticket for you
@RetroTyphlosion  I mean I can't argue so I'll give you a ticket
sorry, due to some difficulties this thread is canceled, sorry and hope you are fine with this. Sad

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