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[REQUEST] 6 IV Ditto
I really need a 6IV ditto and having it non american. Im planing to use this ditto to hatch usually really hard to get pokemon and give those away. I don't care if it is hacked or not.

EDIT: This is in Ultra Sun/Moon.

Hi! I can give you a 6IV Shiny Ditto with a neutral nature if you like? Got it from a stranger in another community, and I think it’s hacked though, but that should be alright regarding your post. What can you offer me in return?

Is it Foreign?

In return I can offer you a shiny Lombre or a Shiny Sweallow.

Both are legit and have 3IVs.
Yes it’s japanese. The shiny lombre would be quite nice Smile
I hope it’s No problem that I trade from my Sun game. I don’t own an Ultra Su/Mo game
Ok I will add your FC right now
@PerfectPenguin7Adding yours as welk now. 

I’m waiting for you at the plaza
@PerfectPenguin7Are you coming?
I just connected to the internet.
K Im ready when you are.
Thanks A Ton!

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