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[REQUEST] Need help with OR/AS dex
(May 25, 2021, 10:56 PM)xcr03 Wrote: Hey there.

I know I haven't been on this website in a hot minute, but recently I picked up Omega Ruby, deleted my save, and started anew. I'm a huge fan of shiny hunting, and after beating the game and the delta episode, I'm looking to obtain the shiny charm, something I haven't ever been able to acquire lol.
I can catch and evolve pokemon that I can, but unobtainable pokemon are an issue for me at the moment. I feel as if I can get a lot of version exclusives and pokemon that aren't in ORAS/XY pretty easily, but mythicals and legendaries I cannot.
If you have any mythics or legendaries, all I ask is to register them in my dex. I wouldn't ever keep any, but I understand how it can be hard to trust a random stranger. I plan on wondertrading these hacked shinies I got from wondertrade once I get a shiny charm, so if you're interested at all, feel free to ask.

I know the likelyhood of anyone responding to this request is very low, but if anyone could help me, it'd be extremely appreciated.

Thank you, miss you pokemonforever

Dear @xcr03 ,
nice to meet you; I am willed to support you and already added your FC to my 3ds friends list.
Please add me back and let me know via PM when you like to do these trades.
Best, Gernot

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Need help with OR/AS dex - by xcr03 - May 25, 2021, 10:56 PM
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