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[REQUEST] anyone have a HA Ralts
does anyone have a HA they can trade me. i need one for a team i'm building, i got some breedjects to trade for and a shiny ralts i hatched but it's nature does suck for a ralts. i want a legit not hacked, gened, pkhex or edited in any way HA ralts. to thoes who offer a ralts like that or one from parents like that i thank for your kind offer but i just don't like doing things that way myself.
What kind of nature are you looking for? Does it have to be shiny? Male or Female?
@fallout96  I can breed you one real quick from my HA Gardevoir Blush
@PerchPond thank you any nature,gender or IVs are fine i can breed fro those myself i just need one with it's HA
@fallout96 I have one ready now, do you want to link trade? Blush
@PerchPond  Yeah thank you agian for this
@fallout96 No problem, what different breedjects do you have? Smile
@PerchPond  i have Grimer,Gastly,Togetic,geodude,Rotom,Audino and a spare 6IV goomy
@fallout96 Okay, I can take a Geodude then Blush This is for S/M right? Big Grin
@PerchPond  yes it is

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