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[SHINY] Does soft resetting for a specific gendered shiny work? (USUM)
So I've successfully gotten a shiny Eevee using the shiny swap method, but I'd like it to be female if possible. I saved right before the Pokemon nursery girl received the egg containing the shiny (before she does the thinking pose) and walked around until she found the egg. Then I hatched the egg and got the shiny Eevee. Since I saved before the girl finds the egg, would I be able to soft reset until I get a female shiny Eevee, or will it always be male? I've tried this a number of times already without succession. Am I just having bad luck or am I wasting my time?
No, you can't change its gender.

I did an experiment a while back looking at that. And found that result.

Its because the data is already set. The moment the egg was generated.


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