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[SHOP OPEN] HA Outlet: The Premier Hidden Ability Shop! ~ New FC!! For Returning Customers ~
I also have a bottlecap for trade whenever your ready
@thebeardsone Lol I used to accept bottle caps but ive got way too many now on in the op I kinda said what im accepting trade wise Smile and @Bruno7123 your in luck, yours will be  one of the final bottle cap ill be accept :p
If your still looking for abblity caps or love balls/heavy balls i can give you one of those for HA Mareanie, HA Rocktuff And HA morelull (added you allready)
Sweet thx so when are you available for trade? Im available all day tommorow
Nevermind just got a ha donphan ill take a ha pyukumuku instead
@Bruno7123 Kay ill add you and I should be lingering in the plaza most of the day
@Daniel360n Id love the pokeballs but ability capsules are good for three, ill add you and get those guys bred for you and like I said I should be online most of the day ~
@wartty Allright Ready to go when you are
@Daniel360n Lol sorry I havent finished breeding for you yet I was finishing up another thing didnt think youd be ready right away, could you wait an hour or so?
@wartty Okay il beale to wiat an hour or so
@Daniel360n good to go ~

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