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[SHOP OPEN] The Shiny Lunar Shop EX (S/M)
Hello friends and family. I understand I never really responded as much as I should have in my last shop. I appologize. I went through a patch of life where I was training for and looking for, a job. I finally have one at a Thrift store. Its not the best job ever, but it pays pretty well every two weeks.
ANYWAYS... the point of this post is to once more open the shop. although I have a job now I will still try to deliver on my quality shinys and legendarys. So in celebration of this latest Nintendo Direct, here it is back from the grave again, the Shiny Lunar Shop EX.

A quick note before i make the current list. I MUST ask that anyone making a request puts my name at the start of their request.
Like this: @Umbreon9004 
That way I get an alert that someone has made a request on my post, because when you dont do that, when I log in to check if anyones posted, I have to go fishing around in the posts to find it, only to see that someone made a request hours ago, or not at all. So please consider that fact before you make any requests of me. Also, I live in Canada, so dont be upset if it takes longer for you to get your pokemon then others. you might just be in a different time zone then me. Now, with that outta the way, heres the current list I am willing to trade.

Shiny Events: Celebi, 2 Xerneas, Zygarde, Yveltal, Arceus, Metagross, Tapu koko, Darkrai, Entei, Diancie, Silvally
Non Shiny Events: Snorlax, Samurott, Emboar, Gourgeist, 2 Victinnis, 3 Volcannions, Genesect, 2 Manaphy, Keldeo, Shaymin, Meloetta, 2 Hoopa,Yveltal
Shinys(Lv100):2 Latios,2 Latias, 2 Mewtwo, Xerneas, Yveltal, Zekrom, Cresselia, Regigigas, Entei, Suicune, Palkia, Phione, 2 Zapdos, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Thundurus, Heatran, Kyurem, Deoxys, Darkrai, Zygarde, Leafeon, Vaporeon, Glaceon, Espeon, Pinsir, Typlosion, Rapidash, Manectric, 2 Absol, Swoobat, Hawlucha, Gengar, Tsareena, Porygon2, Gardevior, Tyranitar, Goodra, Silvally, Feraligatr, Camerupt, Toxapex, Charizard, Magcargo, Drapion, Slowking, Rhyperior, Minior, Alol. Raichu, Shiftry, Greninja, Ditto, Decidueye, Seviper, Crabominable, 2 Sylveon, Jolteon, 2 Umbreon, Incinroar.
Shinys(Less then 100): Sceptile, Abomasnow, 2 Heliolisk, 2 Drapion, 3 Audino, 2 Barbaracle, 2 Grumpig, Crustle, Chansey, Flareon, Trevenant, Kommo-o, Exeggcute, Salazzle, Pupitar, Quagsire, Slowpoke, Bagon, Venipede
Legendary: 5 Necrozma, 2 Rayquaza, Zapdos, Heatran, Guzzlord, Mew, Dialga, Suicune, 5 Buzzwole, 4 Xurkitree, Mesprit, Azelf, Celesteela, Lunala, 5 Kartana, 2 Tapu fini, Tapu koko, Tapu bulu, Tapu lele, 2 Pheromosa, Lugia, 2 Nihiligo, Solgaleo, Diancie, 2 Zygarde, Moltres, Entei, Terrakion, Virizion, Tornadus, 2 Cobalion, Groudon, Cosmoem, Regice, Registeel, Volcarona, Celebi, Cosmog, Phione.

*Please Note i expect fair trades for all that I offer*
Sup any chance your still have the Feraligator, Regigigas, and Decidueye?

Yes as a matter of fact i do

Whats your offer?
(Sep 20, 2018, 08:41 PM)Umbreon9004 Wrote: @CannibalJack 

Yes as a matter of fact i do

Whats your offer?
I have a...
Shiny Pokes:
2x Swellow
Alol. Golem
Mr. Mime
8x Dittos
2x Poipole
2x Arceus
Go ahead and let me know what catch ya eye.
PS. If you have a Shiny Mimikyu or a Shiny Guts Luxray do let me know.

hm. maybe the lugia, Ho-oh, and maybe Yanmega
Still looking for that Darkrai and Diancie. I still have my Diancite sitting around collecting dust... XD

Any of these strike your fancy for those two or anything else? I won't say no to a good Synchronize poke either.

Pokemon with their names in [font]Magenta[/font] have active Pokerus.

Shiny LV. 100
- Landorus-T. Impish/Intimidate. Earthquake, Stealth Rock, Knock Off, U-Turn.
- Mewtwo. Timid/Pressure. Psystrike, Ice Beam, Focus Blast, Calm Mind.
- Genesect. Hasty/Download. Techno Blast, Flamethrower, Flash Cannon, U-Turn.
- Manaphy. Timid/Hydration. Tail Glw, Scald, Ice Beam, Psychic.
- Lugia. Bold/Pressure. Roost, Hydro Pump, Aeroblast, Sky Attack.
- Mew. Bold/Synchronize. Psychic, Roost, Will-O-Wisp, Stealth Rock. (Unfortunately, it's extremely likely this one is a hack... To my knowledge there's no way to get this shiny other than to catch it in Emerald if you have the event item, and it's in a Cherish Ball.)
- Deoxys. Jolly/Pressure. Psycho Boost, Taunt, Pursuit, Spikes.
- Snorlax. Relaxed/Gluttony. Belly Drum, High Horsepower, Facade, Recycle.
- Ursaring. Jolly/Quick Feet. Facade, Close Combat, Crunch, Earthquake.
- Togekiss. Timid/Serene Grace. Nasty Plot, Flamethrower, Air Slash, Roost.
- Leafeon. Impish/Chloropyhll. Swords Dance, Baton Pass, Leaf Blade, Natural Gift.
- Ditto. Bold/Imposter. Transform.

Non-Shiny Events (also all lv. 100):
- Keldeo. Hasty/Justified. Hydro Pump, Secret Sword, Stone Edge, Scald.
- Victini. Jolly/Victory Star. V-Create, Bolt Strike, U-Turn, Zen Headbutt.
- Genesect. Same as the one listed above, only it's not shiny, has a different ribbon and the ORAS marker.

Other Shinies < 100:
- Zygarde, Lv. 60. Adamant/Power Construct. Land's Wrath, Glare, Safeguard, Dragon Breath.
- Celebi, Lv. 30. Timid/Natural Cure. Heal Bell, Safeguard, Ancient Power, Future Sight.
- Aipom, Lv. 5. Jolly/Skill Link. Fury Swipes, Knock Off, Brick Break, Fake Out.
- Altaria, Lv. 60. Jolly/Natural Cure. Moonblast, Perish Song, Dragon Pulse, Sky Attack.
- Cleffa, Lv. 9. Bold/Friend Guard. Pound, Charm, Sing, Flash.
- Barbaracle, Lv. 60. Naive/Sniper. Night Slash, Razor Shell, Cross Chop, Stone Edge.

Non-Shiny Legend/UB/Event/Whatevs:
- Solgaleo, Lv. 57. Jolly/Full Metal Body. Sunsteel Strike, Cosmic Power, Crunch, Zen Headbutt.
- Lunala, Lv. 53. Modest/Shadow Shield. Splash, Teleport, Cosmic Power, Moongeist Beam.
- Nihilego (x2).
     1. Lv. 55. Timid/Beast Boost. Power Gem, Sludge Wave, Acid Spray, Hidden Power.
     2. Lv. 60. Naive/Beast Boost. Power Gem, Acid Spray, Stealth Rock, Mirror Coat.
- Buzzwole (x2).
     1. Lv. 65. Impish/Beast Boost. Counter, Hammer Arm, Fell Stinger, Roost.
     2. Lv. 65. Timid/Beast Boost. Counter, Hammer Arm, Lunge, Dynamic Punch.
-Xurkitree (x3).
     1. Lv. 65. Timid/Beast Boost. Hypnosis, Thunderbolt, Tail Glow, Grass Knot.
     2. Lv. 65. Jolly/Beast Boost. Hypnosis, Discharge, Electric Terrain, Power Whip.
     3. Lv. 65. Relaxed/Beast Boost. Hypnosis, Discharge, Electric Terrain, Power Whip.
- Kartana, Lv. 60. Jolly/Beast Boost. Leaf Blade, Smart Strike, Sacred Sword, Air Slash.
- Guzzlord, Lv. 70. Modest/Beast Boost. Dark Pulse, Sludge Wave, Heavy Slam, Wring Out.
- Silvally, Lv. 41. Jolly/RKS System. Crush Claw, Scary Face, X-Scissor, Multi-Attack.
- Tapu Koko, Lv. 60. Timid/Electric Surge. Nature's Madness, Discharge, Agility, Electro Ball.
- Tapu Lele, Lv. 60. Timid/Psyshic Surge. Nature's Madness, Extrasensory, Flatter, Moonblast.
- Tapu Bulu, Lv. 60. Jolly/Grassy Surge. Nature's Madness, Zen Headbutt, Megahorn, Skull Bash.
- Tapu Fini, Lv. 60. Bold/Misty Surge. Nature's Madness, Muddy Water, Aqua Ring, Hydro Pump.
- Marshadow, Lv. 50. Gentle/Technician. Spectral Thief, Close Combat, Force Palm, Shadow Ball.
- Magearna, Lv. 50. Modest/Soul-Heart. Fleur Cannon, Flash Cannon, Lucky Chant, Helping Hand.
- Ho-Oh (x2).
     1. Lv. 40. Hardy/Regenerator. Sacred Fire, Safeguard, Fly, Recover.
     2. Lv. 60. Quirky/Pressure. Burn Up, Sacred Fire, Extrasensory, Ancient Power.
- Rayquaza, Lv. 70. Calm/Air Lock. Extreme Speed, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Dance, Dragon Ascent.
- Groudon, Lv. 55. Adamant/Drought. Lava Plume, Rest, Earthquake, Precipice Blades.
- Kyogre, Lv. 60. Rash/Drizzle. Ice Beam, Origin Pulse, Calm Mind, Muddy Water.
- Tornadus, Lv. 40. Impish/Prankster. Revenge, Air Cutter, Extrasensory, Fly.
- Entei, Lv. 60. Adamant/Pressure. Stomp, Bite, Swagger, Lava Plume.
- Zygarde, Lv. 52. Docile/Aura Break. Crunch, Dig, Sandstorm, Land's Wrath.
- Yveltal, Lv. 60. Impish/Dark Aura. Oblivion Wing, Dark Pulse, Phantom Force, Psychic.
- Reshiram, Lv. 56. Brave/Turboblaze. Dragon Breath, Dragon Pulse, Extrasensory, Fusion Flare.
- Registeel, Lv. 60. Adamant/Clear Body. Flash Cannon, Hammer Arm, Lock-On, Zap Cannon.
- Regice, Lv. 60. Quiet/Clear Body. Ice Beam, Hammer Arm, Lock-On, Zap Cannon.

Im assuming you'd like the Shiny versions of these two pokemon then?

Also, im thinking the Shiny Genesect. and the cleffa. kinda lean it more to the genesect.
Yeah, that would work. I'll gladly give you those two.

Also, question... Do any of the Espeon, Gardevoir, or those Umbreon happen to be Adamant? I'm looking for a good Adamant Synchronize poke for a certain very specific task.
(Sep 21, 2018, 07:17 AM)Umbreon9004 Wrote: @CannibalJack 

hm. maybe the lugia, Ho-oh, and maybe Yanmega

Know what Never Mind Found someone already going to trade me the Regigigas and the Fraligator Thanks anyway
(Sep 21, 2018, 10:28 AM)LuxKaos Wrote: @Umbreon9004 
Yeah, that would work. I'll gladly give you those two.

Also, question... Do any of the Espeon, Gardevoir, or those Umbreon happen to be Adamant? I'm looking for a good Adamant Synchronize poke for a certain very specific task.

After review, I have one shiny Male Umbreon at level 100 that is in fact adament

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