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[SHOP OPEN] Unown Collectors
I have decided to open up shop on my Unown stock! Big Grin

I will consider any offers you fine people have, and I will continue to hunt Unowns to keep my stock up!

I do have an unfinished Legendary colletion and accept genned/cloned etc. pokemon.(I am not expecting this)

I will also take requests on ball type as long as you pick from the ones I can buy from a poke mart.

Here is what I have in stock from A - ?

[url="http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/unown"][Image: unown-a.png][/url] - 5
[url="http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/unown"][Image: unown-b.png][/url] - 3
[url="http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/unown"][Image: unown-c.png][/url] - 2
[url="http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/unown"][Image: unown-d.png][/url] - 6
[url="http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/unown"][Image: unown-e.png][/url] - 2
[url="http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/unown"][Image: unown-f.png][/url] - 3
[url="http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/unown"][Image: unown-g.png][/url] - 3
[url="http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/unown"][Image: unown-h.png][/url] - 2
[url="http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/unown"][Image: unown-i.png][/url] - 2
[url="http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/unown"][Image: unown-j.png][/url] - 4
[url="http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/unown"][Image: unown-k.png][/url] - 6
[url="http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/unown"][Image: unown-l.png][/url] - 2
[url="http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/unown"][Image: unown-m.png][/url] - 3
[url="http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/unown"][Image: unown-n.png][/url] - 4
[url="http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/unown"][Image: unown-o.png][/url] - 4
[url="http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/unown"][Image: unown-p.png][/url] - 4
[url="http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/unown"][Image: unown-q.png][/url] - 8
[url="http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/unown"][Image: unown-r.png][/url] - 3
[url="http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/unown"][Image: unown-s.png][/url] - 5
[url="http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/unown"][Image: unown-t.png][/url] - 3
[url="http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/unown"][Image: unown-u.png][/url] - 2
[url="http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/unown"][Image: unown-v.png][/url] - 2
[url="http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/unown"][Image: unown-w.png][/url] - 3
[url="http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/unown"][Image: unown-x.png][/url] - 5
[url="http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/unown"][Image: unown-y.png][/url] - 5
[url="http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/unown"][Image: unown-z.png][/url] - 4
[url="http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/unown"][Image: unown-em.png][/url] - 2
[url="http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/unown"][Image: unown-qm.png][/url] - 4
It's funny, I'm actually going to be hunting a Shiny of every Unown in D/P
All the cool kids are going here
@JoeBoss23  I once tried collecting Unown. I never finished.

That shop sounds super cool! I'm interested!
VGC|Breeding|Forum Regular|Amethyst 0mega|Casual Player|Casual Battler
@RetroTyphlosion  I have posted a list of stock and am ready for business :p

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