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[SMOGON] Smogon Metagame Megathread
(Nov 18, 2016, 04:04 PM)Elly Wrote:
(Nov 18, 2016, 03:34 AM)Bucsfan818 Wrote: Sooooo.... whats up with all these new mons? A majority of them are soooo slow with decent defenses and low HP stats. Has the meta shifted to stall teams or just slow and bulky in general? Been a long time since I played lol

@Bucsfan818 Slow =/= Stall. You even said yourself that most of them had bad HP stats, meaning they aren't that bulky.

@Elly I know slow and stall dont mean the same thats why I said stall or slow and bulky. And what I meant in that post (which i didnt really word very well now that i read it again tbh) was what the meta was like towards the end of gen 6. What type of teams were popular (balanced, hyper offense, stall, etc.). Because i think a lot of players will probably be in the honeymoon phase with these new mons which, in my opinion based on their base stats, a lot of them seem to fit into stall or slower paced style teams. Which couldve shaped the meta until they just made evrything OU again anyway lol
Do you think with the right ev and iv spread and a sleep talk set that mudsdale could become a bulky physical sweeper/wall

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