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[SPOILER] Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Every fighter, from 64 to wii u, are coming together for smash 5/6/Switch, officially titled as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. when i say every fighter, i mean every fighter. Pichu, Young Link, Roy, Snake, Ice Climbers, and Wolf to name a few. There are a few newcomers, like the inklings, yet there's more. Daisy will appear as a clone of peach, and there is one more revealed challenger that i'll wait for you to see Wink. i will include a link to the e3 presentation video below

Notable things:
Waluigi is still an assist trophy (RIP)
Marth has full english voice acting
Ike's brawl design returns (as an alternate costume)
Game and Watch changes based on what attack he uses (purely cosmetic(i think)
Dedede's new final smash is amazing
The Squid sisters (Callie and Marie) are an assist trophy, and it shrinks the screen and KO radius
KOing some assist trophies is possible (you gain a point in Time mode for doing so)
Captain Falcon's Falcon Punch has a dramatic slow-mo effect when it hits an enemy with high enough percent to KO
Omega stages return, and now you can have Battle Field based stage variations (probably will be known as Beta stages)
Bomber Man is an assist trophy
When Villager pockets an item, it'll be displayed near it's player hud (area where percentage and character name are shown)
Cappy may play a role in Mario's moveset, presumably his down special
Pokemon Trainer returns, switching Pokemon is quicker and can be done mid-air
Olimar's helmet can get cracked, but it does repair quite quickly. we don't know if it's just cosmetic or a new gameplay mechanic
Directional air dodging returns from melee
Inkling's main mechanic is inking. An inked enemy recieves more damage

And that's all i felt like including, there's a lot more in the video i provided. peace
I love how they are trying to implent more of the competive scene while somehow remaing fun for the casuals.

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