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[SUN/MOON] FT: Shinies (list inside), LF: Shiny offers ^-^
i want ur Shiny SHAYMIN
and mew and keldeo.
I have a glalie id be willing to trade for your oranguru
@thebeardsone  hey there! i know its been a very long time since u posted your offer but i was so busy. work was killing me the last 2 weeks. if you're still interested in accelgor lmk Smile
@Darthtyranus  hey there ! so sorry for the late reply. i was so busy with work the last 2 weeks. if you're still up for it i'd love the glalie for oranguru. let me know Wink

sorry for the very late answer. i had so much work the last few weeks. if you're not up for it its okay, i'm telling you all the abilities anyways.

spearow: Keen Eye
passimian: receiver
sandygast: water compaction
larvesta: swarm
liligant: clorophyll

i have all of them ready only sandygast would need to get cloned again first. i'm out of that one lol
@TheAlmightySancho sorry for the late reply! as i told everybody else i had so much work and no time at all for stuff like playing games.

which legendary would you be intrested in? i'd take the golisopod Smile i'm mostly looking for non-legendary shinys Wink
@lelcharmander sorry for the late reply !

ninetales has drought. but tyranitar has the ability sand stream. Smile
@Anabel i don't need spiritbomb, sorry :S
@PokeLover121 any offers Wink?

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