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[SUN/MOON] FT: Shinies (list inside), LF: Shiny offers ^-^
(Apr 16, 2017, 05:54 AM)Slo0ry Wrote: @thebeardsone  hey there! i know its been a very long time since u posted your offer but i was so busy. work was killing me the last 2 weeks. if you're still interested in accelgor lmk Smile

I am still interested
@thebeardsone ok so let's do it Smile

FC 0276-0737-9616
IGN Stephi
@thebeardsone  i'm doing a bigger trade with a friend right now but if you're still on in about 15 minutes i'll be in plaza and we can do our trade Smile
@thebeardsone  ok you were wuicker than my friend haha. thanks for the trade ! btw: is that gigalith for trade too? lmk what you'd want for it

I don't entirely know, but I don't particularly like shiny Darkrai, I don't need Reshiram or Zekrom and I have the event Tapu Koko. I quite like shiny giratina but Mew is one of my favourite pokemon so I might like that one.
@Slo0ry would you like a shiny Gigalith for your shiny Mudsdale or Darkrai, which ever you think is worth the Gigalith Tongue
@TheAlmightySancho ok so mew. do you maybe have anything else to offer than golisopod?
@AniMangelo aaaw sorry i just recently got one in a trade :/ anything else you can offer ? Smile

I suppose I could offer a spare ditto but that's about it

It's lvl 100 and is 6IV, so I'm not willing to give it away easily
@Slo0ry what about a shiny Lapras, Landorus, Houndour, Weavile.

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