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[SUN/MOON] FT: Shinies (list inside), LF: Shiny offers ^-^
I'll trade you a shiny Gallade for the Mew? If not, how about Accelgor?
Turns out I secretly had a lvl 100 shiny metagross, so you can have that unless you already have one.

If you want it, I would like a Keldeo.
(Apr 16, 2017, 06:10 AM)Slo0ry Wrote: @PokeLover121 any offers Wink?

@Slo0ry Sorry, i dont have it anymore. I might be able to get another shiny something, but i also just got a shiny oranguru, so maybe ill trade for something else
Hey, I could really use a shiny Ninetales, could I trade you an event Keldeo and a event Dragonite?
Hey I just recently ordered my own Powersave. I should have it by Friday. Could I perhaps borrow a pokemon of yours and clone it?

Particularly darkrai and mew.

I definitely have some shinies not on your list i can send you back, lemme get them cloned first!

After a while debating it I've decided that if you want my spare ditto then you may have it. It's lvl 100, 6IV and has a destiny knot. To continue my everlasting quest to obtain all the shiny event legendaries, I would want a shaymin.
@TheAlmightySancho hey there. i'm sorry i'm not interested in either of them. i'm mostly looking for earlier GENs non-legendary shinies :S
@Murkus  hey sounds good. but i will only do it if u give good collateral Wink
@Darthtyranus ok just let me know when u're intrested on anything else Smile see ya

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