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[SUN/MOON] Giga Drain on Volcarona
Hey I need a giga drain volcarona for a special sweeper but I heard that it's impossible to get it on volcarona in s/m. I just wasted like a week breeding, ev training, level grinding, etc to get a competitive volcarona just to find out that I can't get giga drain on it afterwards Sad . Anyway can someone can somehow get giga drain on my volcarona. If not that's a week of my life down the drain...
Lol I did this for someone else a few months back xP I'll just need some sorta compensation cause I'll have to breed you a perfect larvesta then give it giga drain before I transfer it
I can give you a shiny cottonee (has a nickname but I'll  get rid of it if you'd like
can you also specify what you'll do to the larvesta (i.e ev training, ivs, when you can get it to me , stuff like that).
Or do you just want me to trade you my volcarona so you don't need to breed one you'll just need to transfer it and give it giga drain and transfer it back then trade it back to me. (If that's possible since I know you can't transfer new Pokémon to older games)

If you do breed it I need the nature as timid and its other moves as quiver dance and fire blast but I can just do that after 
Thanks in advance  Big Grin
Yeh since I've got the parents left from last time it shouldn't take long to come up with the perfect 5iv larvesta, timid I assume? And I could ev train it if you'd like? Mine already has morning sun as an eggmoves as well and I'll transfer it from my Y to OR so that I can move tutors it giga drain, then transfer it up through the bank to trade to you in SuMo. I'd love the cottonee ~
All right well just tell me when's you have it Big Grin  I can do the ev training in sun and moon but I'd appreciate it if you ev train it  though like I said it's not needed. Do you want the cottonee without a nickname our just choose a nickname because I can change it anytime

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