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[SUN/MOON] Pokerus Exchange Thread
Share your cooties here! Please specify what version of the game you are playing on when requesting a Pokerus-infected Pokemon. You may not request a Pokemon species here - you'll simply be given a Pokerus-infected Pokemon.

Anyone can participate and fulfill requests.
The Nurse Joy of #TeamForum.
I'll take a pokerus on Pokémon moon if anyone has one

fc- 4828-8539-2320
fc name- Blaze
can i have a pokerus pokemon please, i have moon
my fc is 4055-4046-5195
I'm would like pokerus, I have pokemon Sun.

fc- 4914-5785-2249
fcn- Mungie
I could use it. I have Pokemon Moon.

FC Name - HF, ingame name is Zach, if that matters.
FC - 2552-5398-7971

If you can get to me, thanks!
I  HAVE pokerus  if anyone needs it.  Got it on gts and figured I'd share it around.  FC  is to the left and I guess just pm or reply (still new here so dunno how anything works)  and I'll try to share it around.  All I ask is you try to do the same.

Edit:  It'll probably just be some  random pokemon.
I would like a pokerus mans in Pokemon Sun if anyone is willing to share Smile

FC: 3883-9869-1485
IGN: Gvng
I would love pokerus if anyone is willing to help.

FC : 4914 7827 8964
IGN: Woo
I could use pokerus please! FC 1908-2360-1764

Edit: forgot to post I'm on sun
ign zero
can you trade alolan pokemon into X and Y and ORAS?
The Safari Zone. The only place where you can throw mud at Pokémon. AKA the best in-game area in the fourth generation.

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