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[SUN/MOON] Pokerus Exchange Thread
here is the link to my giveaway
Me two! I'm playing on Pokemon Moon.
Can I have pokerus pokemon I have pokemon moon
FC: 0533 7122 8964
Requesting for a pokemon with pokerus. Add me up!
FC: 1736-5152-7582
I could really use pokerus for my ev training it would be very much appreciated my game is moon and my friend code is : 1633-5017-4481
Anyone get me pokerus
heeyy anyone willing to pass pokerus? I have Sun copy... add my FC and pm me or email me!!!!
(Nov 17, 2016, 10:57 AM)naitre Wrote: I would like to get it in my pokemon sun version. can you kindly add memy 3DS FC:4914-7361-5220
Share your cooties here! Please specify what version of the game you are playing on when requesting a Pokerus-infected Pokemon. You may not request a Pokemon species here - you'll simply be given a Pokerus-infected Pokemon.

Anyone can participate and fulfill requests.

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