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[SUN/MOON] [SHOP] Ultra Trading Shack (Shiny, Events & Giveaways)
I wont be participating but this is a really good service , nice work.
@finn1908 I'll take the Starkly and Snover then. Please choose two shinies from my list to trade for them. I'm currently not at home so I won't be able to trade yet.

@"Anabel" Thank you, feel free to participate when you feel like it Smile
I won't be available to trade for a while either, so I'll reply when I can later. 

Would a Level 1 Rowlet and Chespin be alright to ask for?
@finn1908 Sure that's fine with me. I'll try catch you when you're next online.
@Queen What would you want for your Kanto-Hat Pikachu?
Away till 2018- and happy holidays to all who read this : )
(Aug 18, 2017, 07:55 AM)Queen Wrote: @Aaroniskill1996 Hi, I'm interested in your event Manaphy and Zygarde, please choose two nonshiny events from my list that you would like it, thanks!
The Manaphy is 20 year event and Zygarde is from same year in germany
Would like to trade for Marshadow and 2006 Celebi ?
@Aaroniskill1996 Sure, I'll prepare Marshadow and Celebi for you. I'll try and catch you when you're online so we can complete the trade Smile

@Mr. Ultracool I would like another gen 6 or gen 7 Event for that.
since you can clone pokemon, would it be possible for you to gen a move onto a pokemon of mine? i can offer bottlecaps and/or rare pokeballs, or hard-to-get items in exchnage?
The Safari Zone. The only place where you can throw mud at Pokémon. AKA the best in-game area in the fourth generation.
@TheWildShannon Sure, I can do that service for free Smile

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