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[SUN/MOON] Salazzle event giveaway
I have 5 salazzle event codes and willing to give them away for eviolite, a shiny, HA Pokémon, other event Pokémon, or perfect IVs Pokémon.
@Zaybeastie25 I can trade for an Eviolite Blush
EDIT: jk, thought I had more than one Sad
i have 6 iv Braixen with heat wave and wish, but i could also offer a (hacked) shiny lunatone. I also have HA piplup, exeggcute, kanto vulpix, ralts, dratini, pidgey and cyndaquil.
I can trade you my eviolite!
I also have many rare DB and HA mons, look at my list.
But I can offer shiny Gastrodon, shiny Drowzee, shiny Diglett or shiny Gumshoos Blush
I have an HA Ponyta, I think- would that be okay? :x
I have a shiny Gyarados/Crobat/Umbreon/Arcanine (all captured myself) that i would be willing to trade
I have a perfect iv bagon that I can trade and a shiny exploud
I have:
- shiny alolan grimer (untouched)
- shiny flareon (self caught, untouched)
- shiny umbreon and gastrodon (self caught, IV tweaked)
- tons of HA pokemons (which one do you need? most of them in beast ball)

** will update I'll check my bank but most shinies are self caught and untouched
I have a 6IV LV 50 Gyarados or a HA LV 50 Magnezone 5IV. I'm willing to trade! Let me know if you're interested as there already are 5 candidates :p

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