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[SUN/MOON] Shiny Starter Hunters Gen 7!
Hey, everyone! My name is 0kamii.

I just picked up my copy of Pokemon Moon last Friday on opening day, and I was super pumped to begin my journey in Alola with my Shiny Rowlet. I figured the cutscene would be long, but I made a commitment to finding my Shiny Rowlet, whom I've decided to nickname Kona. However, since getting the game, I have done nothing EXCEPT reset the game looking for Kona. As of writing this, I've reset the game 1400+ times, and it doesn't look like I'll find my Shiny Starter anytime soon.

As such, I was curious. Has anyone else been commited to finding a Shiny starter, or am I the only one crazy enough to wait two and a half whole minutes for one chance to find my precious Rowlet Shiny? I'm writing this as an extension of friendship and sympathy. If you too are struggling with finding your Shiny're not alone! Also, if you have been lucky enough to find your Shiny starter, let me know how many resets it took so I can congratulate you on your luck!

I look forward to hearing what the community has to say. Thanks, everyone!

- 0kamii
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