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Shiny silvally giveaway [CLOSED]
Ign: Chandra
Pokemon: pyukumuku
lvl: 22
gender: female
Trade Message: i want to fill my pokedex

Thank you for doing this giveaway Smile
Ign: Jose
lvl: 21
gender: Female
Trade Message: I want to fill my Pokedex
Ign: Aaron
Pokemon: pyukumuku
lvl: 16
gender: Male
Trade Message: i want to fill my pokedex
Ign: Karlos
lvl: 54
gender: male
Trade Message: trade pokemon with me. thanks in advance

Thanks a lot Smile
IGN: Moon
Lvl: 21
Gender: Male
Trade Message:  Please trade Pokemon with me. Thanks in advance.
Ign: Matthew 
lvl: 1
gender: Female
Trade Message: I want to fill my pokedex

Thanks for the give away Smile
Can't guarantee an exact day to do threads so
lets try to aim for TWO a week I guess
Ign: Eric
Trade Message:"i want to fill my pokedex"
IGN: Artemis
Lvl: 18
Gender: Female
Trade Message: Please trade Pokemon with me
thanks for the giveaway! 

Ign: Gordon
lvl: 1
gender: male
Trade Message: please trade pokemon with me. thanks in advance.
Can I reserve one? Currently at work!

Ign: Will
Pokemon: pyukumuku
lvl: 53
gender: Male

Just deposited, Thanks in advance!

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