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Spare legends for trade

I'm currently in possession of 13 spare legendary Pokemon that I would like gone! Please note that I’m afraid all have been caught in game and thus aren’t perfect 6iv competitive pokes! The Pokemon are as follows:

Level 40 Hidden Abilty Dialga-
Ability: Telepathy 
Gentle nature

level 50 Raikou-
Ability: Pressure
Modest Nature

Level 60 Cresselia-
Ability- Levitate 
Jolly Nature 

Level 70 Moltres- Nicknamed ‘HotWings’
Ability- Pressure
3 perfect IVs in HP, Defense and SP. 
Adamant nature

Level 65 Uxie 
Ability Pressure
Lonely Nature

level 60 Regirock
Abilty: Clear Body
Nature Modest
perfect IVs in Speed, Attack and SP. Defence

Level 60 Latios 
Ability: Levitate 
Rash Nature
Perfect IVs in HP, Attack and Sp attack

level 50 Regice
Ability: Ice Body
Hasty nature
perfect Ivs in Defense, Sp Defense and HP

Level 60 Rayquaza
Ability: Air lock
Sassy nature
Perfect IVs in Speed, Attack and SP attack

Level 56 Girantina called ‘Ephis’
Ability: Pressure
Hasty nature

Level 60 Articuno
Abilty: Pressure
Sassy nature
Perfect IVs in Attack, SP Defence and Speed

Female Level 60 Heatran
Ability: Flash Fire
Jolly Nature
Perfect IVs in HP, SP defence and Defence

as for what i’d Like in return, I’m open to most things! I love collecting baby pokes with egg moves, Hidden ability Pokemon, Pokemon with perfect IVs and shinies! I’ve been desperate for a hidden ability Totodile due to accidentally wonder trading mine! Thank you so much in advance! Trades can be done via Gts or I can give you my friend code! 

Thank you!
May I ask what game these legendaries are in? It's so I know what game to hop onto since i'd like to get these legendaries,,
Dear @PyukuMyMuku ,

nice to meet you, whats really good.? 
I would be interested in your Articuno. As a reward I would be able to help you with the hidden ability Totodile. I have one in Gen7, if that is fine for you? Please contact me per PM, if you are interested in trading. Thank you.


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