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[TOURNAMENT] Tiny Tourney After-Party
Tiny Tourney After-Party

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Winner of Tournament: @Slec
Final Bracket Results

Welcome to the Pokémon Forever Tiny Tourney After-Party! A tournament hosted by myself and @"écarlate" to give players the chance to use the teams that they built once more, or for anyone that will miss out on the actual tournament to try out the format. The tournament will be held at 7pm bst on Wednesday the 29th of June, on Showdown and will use Challonge to organise each round. Preliminary rounds will be held as best of 1 and the semifinals and final will be best of 3. This is open to trainers of all skill levels and hopefully will be fun for all involved!

The Rules:
  • Only Pokémon 1 meter (3.03" inches) or smaller are allowed.
  • Mega stones Are banned.
  • Mythical Pokémon are banned.
  • No duplicate Pokémon or items on a team
  • You are NOT allowed to change your team after your first battle.
  • Showdown battles must be left public.
  • The winner of each battle MUST pm one of the hosts with the result + a link to the Showdown replay as proof.

How to Sign Up:
  1. Make a Challonge Account if you haven't already (it's extremely easy to do).
  2. Go to this link - and sign up for the tournament.
  3. Create a Discord account if you don't already have one and join our server (connect button to the right of this post).
  4. Fill in this entry form:
    Showdown nickname:
    Discord Name:
    Challonge Name:

The '#pokemon_tournaments' channel on the Discord will be used for communication during the tournament. There will be a 30 minute check in period starting at 6:30pm bst on Challonge before the tournament, so please be on time for that. If you have any further question or need any help feel free to send myself or @"écarlate" a pm or a message on the Discord.

Good luck!
Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers!
Oh my god yes, this is gonna be so fun! 

Challonge & Showdown Name: ScottyThunder 
Discord Name: Scotty

Breeder Scott - Proud Member of the Amethyst 0mega Breeder's Guild

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I'm down for this.   Big Grin

Showdown nickname:  FireTaco352
Discord Name: FireTaco 
Challonge Name: FireTaco352
hopefully more of the community's vgc players (looking at you, @0kamii @RetroTyphlosion ) will join Smile))))))
@"écarlate"  As much fun as that sounds, I will be away from PokémonForever that day. That week, actually. I have a family trip I'm going on, so the forums are going to be without me for a while. But fear not, écarlate, I'll be sure to scope out the tournament forums for a suitable entry. I'll participate one of these days, but for now just ask @RetroTyphlosion, @Reis, or @stephenWITNESS. They can vouch for my battling skills.

- 0kamii
Amethyst Ωmega - Guild Leader/Founder 
Well..... I don't have a Discord..... or a Challonge..... or a Showdown..... And I'll have to go see what Pokemon are allowed.... but I'll try!
VGC|Breeding|Forum Regular|Amethyst 0mega

PM me if you need help with competitive battling!
Wait a sec.... I can bring Porygon2, PorygonZ, Munchlax, Mimikyu, Gastrodon, and Sandygast? 
Or, I could use Magikarp, Zubat, Caterpie, Metapod, Zigzagoon, and Kakuna!
VGC|Breeding|Forum Regular|Amethyst 0mega

PM me if you need help with competitive battling!
@RetroTyphlosion haha bring the Zubat team! Hopefully you'll be able to take part Smile
@0kamii ;_; it was the perfect one to bring Emolga to! There'll be a few more tournaments over the summer anyway, hopefully see you in one of them!
Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers!
@RetroTyphlosion showdown, discord and challonge accounts are all very easy to make, free and don't require any downloads, so i suggest you make them asap so you can take part in the tournament! Smile
I'm in.
Showdown nickname: SoKoJohn
Discord Name: SoKoJohn
Challonge Name: SoKoJohn

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