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The November Meet & Greet - Come on Down and Eat
@FireTaco *faints*


Anyways, noticing aside, my bro Quilladin gets top spot for favorite middle stage evo. It use to be Braixen, but Quilladin is a good boy.

Honorable mentions
- Braixen
- Pidgeotto
- Pikachu
- Weepinbell
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Some names of which were changed right before the release in the west :p kinda cool kinda funny
What is a signature and how do I get one?

Thanks for the @ S-s-senpai!

My favorite middle evolution pokémon?

Probably either Grovyle or Klang. Since I do a lot of breeding and battling, mostly for fun this upcoming VGC season, I like when a middle evolution has viability outside of its final form. Grovyle looks really cool, but Klang is great with an Eviolite. Honorable mention to Rhydon, as it's a middle now thanks to Gen 4.
Grovyle Klang Rhydon
- 0kamii

P.S. Klang is Pokémon of the Day! Happy coincidence. Big Grin
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@FireTaco Sorry this middle evolution thing is taking me so long! I want to do it, but I can't decide!!!!
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I don't know why, but I never got these alerts untill now, so lets respond to some stuff.

SO @Kris SENPAI Heart    

After some searching back I knew you wrote about your Quilladin set but I have yet to find it.  Fourm search only goes so far back I guess.

Anyhow, I can see why you love it, especially with Curse, Synthesis, Gyro Ball and other move like those which are great for evolite users.

P.S. Quilladin is the pokemon of the day so that's really cool


The Klink line is some of my favorite pokemon, and as said before Evolite is a very potent item and can have great effects with some natural bulk.

Also I'm begining to think the I'm slowly becoming the fourm's senpai


Hey no rush man, there are a lot to choose from. Big Grin
@FireTaco I deleted it due to a certain someone's complaints. I may remake it though
Timezone is GMT+10 (AEST)

Pfp by foolishlayde on Deviantart
New here generally. Refer to topic I dropped.
  • What are you planning on doing this Thanksgiving?
I'm not from America to have an official Thanksgiving. But I have a friend who I LARP with, who is from America, that does a 'Day of Thanks' every year. Myself and (possibly) my girlfriend (yes I have a girlfriend, she said maybe on the FB event), are going to it. That said, my girlfriend has trouble eating at events like this because she has allergies to things like anything from a cow (which is milk, and its not lactose intolerance, and includes beef), nuts, too much salt, etc.
  • What's your favorite Thanksgiving meal?
Anything really. I know its the company as much as anything that is important.
  • For the gamer out there, what's your favorite console?
That depends on how you define favourite. I favour them all, currently 3DS over most others currently, but I have an affinity for PS3, Vita, and PS2 as well.
  • Now, let's tag a member and keep the conversation going!
I know noone to tag... Sorry ;-;.
Quote:What are you planning on doing this Thanksgiving?
Nothing really, just hanging out with my buddies, using the internet while also continuing my Shiny Hunt for Azelf in Pokemon Diamond.
Quote:What's your favorite Thanksgiving meal?
The stuffing! Tongue
Quote:For the gamer out there, what's your favorite console? 
Huh Thats a complicated one. I have alot of favourites such as the PS3 for example.
Quote:Now, let's tag a member and keep the conversation going!
Im not sure who to tag XD I rarely come on the forums here anymore, though I am making a effort to come on more.

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