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Trading Guidelines: How To Make Successful Trades

There's a new sheriff in town, and I'm only here to protect you people, so listen up. I have three guidelines to keep you all happy, so non-compliance is a direct show of your unwillingness to cooperate within this community. Now that we're clear:

1. THE GOLDEN RULE: MAKE A DEAL, KEEP A DEAL. If you have made an offer, and you change your offer, you will be subject to any punishment deemed worthy by myself, @Unit501, and the global mod team. Do not offer anything which you do not intend to trade. False pretences are grounds for a ban. If you receive a Pokemon which is not what was promised, immediately report the incident to a moderator and retribution will be dealt swifly. This insures all Pokemon traded here are exactly as advertised, and that no Pokemon possess illegal movesets or abilities. Following this guideline benefits you.

2. NO IRL COMPENSATION FOR TRADES. Do not offer cash, credit, check, TCG cards, Amazon gift cards, or any such item of monetary value in exchange for Pokemon trades. Do not accept such methods of payment in return for Pokemon trades. Monetary compensation is grounds for a ban. If you are offered anything along these lines for your Pokemon, immediately report the incident to a moderator and corrective actions will be taken promptly. This promotes legitimate Pokemon trading as intended by Nintendo and GameFreak, which builds stronger community here at home. Following this guideline benefits you.

3. BE POLITE AND DO NOT COMPLAIN. This is the forum where you place an offer on the table in the hopes that someone will accept the terms, but there are often instances where your requests may not be fulfilled. Some deals are not meant to be made. Poor attitude is grounds for a ban. If you encounter a salty sailor who is upset that they have failed to connect a trade, discretely report the incident to a moderator and the behavior will be adjusted shortly. This allows for a more fun and lighthearted trading experience, which we are all looking for. Following this guideline benefits you.

Thank you all for keeping to the rules, I wish you all the trades you could ask for.
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