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[US/UM] Looking for a bred HA Totodile
Hi. I was wondering if anyone has a spare legit hidden ability Totodile they bred in the daycare in Ultra Sun or Moon. I love the Totodile line, it was the first starter I ever chose as my first game I owned was HeartGold, and hearing about it's hidden ability, sheer force, it seemed more cool to me, and I was wondering if anyone would like to trade with me. If you don't want to, that's okay. I'll be willing to trade a spare Regice I got in a link trade. Will close this thread when I get one.
@Pokehog Hi! I am more of a Cyndaquil guy but since I doubt anyone would be willing to trade a "spare legit shiny hidden ability Totodile" without a solid proposal, maybe a nice way to improve this thread (and the chances of you getting what you want) is to mention what you are willing to trade back?

If you don't think you have anything that valuable then I am afraid it would be easier to ask someone for a non-shiny HA Totodile and breed your shiny yourself instead. With the Shiny Charm, Masuda Method, Roto Hatch etc. in USUM it wouldn't be so hard.
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hi i know this isnt my thread but i was looking for a ha tododile in general, no shiny, doesnt matter baout nature/gender. thanks in advance.

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