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[US/UM] help me pease with my pokedex
I need: spinrak, happiny, magneton, muk, mime jr., dunsparce, rufflet, whismicott, barboach, seel, luvdisc, mareanie, cloyster, huntail, gorebyss, remoraid, mantyke, sylveon, igglybuff, fomantis, politoed, feebas, alomomola, larvesta, sliggoo, shieldon, tirtouga, amura, prygon2, porygon z, torkoal, houndour, togedemaru, golem, trapinch, baltoy, golett, shuppet, absol, skrelp, scizor, kickilicky, kartana, guzzlord and I think magearna and marshadow too. My friendcode is 074862053137

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